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Dear Friends,

China's coking coal market continued to be volatile during the past year, but at a much less extent compared to previous years. Prices of premium coking coal stayed high on the whole, supported by relatively strong demand from the steel sector.

The country's de-capacity targets and stringent environmental regulations at coal and steel sectors continued to reshape supply-demand fundamentals. Imports remained a vital supplement, though whole-year tonnage declined moderately.

The government moved to curb imports of coking coal from Australia in late January, partly due to further release of capacity from advanced mines and potential cutback in steel production amid slowing Chinese economy.

Against this backdrop, cordially invites you to participate in the 9th Global Coking Coal Resource & Market Summit to be held in Beijing from 10th to 11th April 2019.

Key topics to be addressed during the Summit include:

  • ◆  Supply-side reform and environmental policies and their impacts on China's coal, coke and steel industries;
  • ◆  Macroeconomic environment and its impact on coking coal demand;
  • ◆  China's coking coal production capacity and output forecast;
  • ◆  Coking coal industry analysis and price forecast;
  • ◆  Import coking coal in China – competitiveness analysis of Chinese and international coking coal;
  • ◆  China's coking coal trade and pricing model under new situation;
  • ◆  Big data-driven smart decision-making of coking enterprises

The conference will invite officials and experts from government departments, industry associations, research institutions, and domestic and international coking coal companies to elaborate on above topics. It would be a great opportunity for participants to gain insights, enhance communications and seize new business opportunities.

You are also expected to attend seminars on big data application in the coal industry, new coke-making technology and substitute resources, risk-averting financial instruments, industry chain and development.

We look forward to meeting you at the Summit.

Yours Faithfully,

Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.


DAY ONE – 10 April 2019 Wednesday

09:00--22:00Registration at 1st floor, Hall of Millennium Hotel, BeijingConcurrent Event: Seminar on Smart Decision-making in Coking Industry with Big Data

14:30--15:10Topic: New Coal Blending Theory for Coke-making — Introduction to All-factor Intelligent Coal Blending SystemSpeaker: Hongtao Qi, Professor of Engineering, Chief Engineer of Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.

15:10--15:50Topic: Application of Big Data in Coal Market — Big Data-based 42-day Coal and Coke Price Forecast SystemSpeaker: Xiaoting Zhai, Manager, Products Development Department of Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.

15:50--16:30Topic: Smart Decision-making for Coking Firms with Big DataSpeaker: An Luo, General Manager, Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.

16:30--17:00Topic: Introduction to Big Data Application in Coking Firms ManagementSpeaker: Shandong Coking Industry Association


DAY TWO – 11 April 2019 Thursday


09:10--09:50Topic: Macro Economy and Its Trend in 2019Speaker: Yusong Deng, Vice Director, Market Economy Institute, Development Research Center of the State Council

09:50--10:30Topic: China's 2019 Coal Industry Reform & Development and Policy InterpretationSpeaker: Hong Zhang, Deputy Secretary General, China National Coal Association & Director General of China Coal Economic Research AssociationSESSION 2 COKING COAL DEMAND IN STEEL & COKING SECTORS

10:30--11:10Topic: Outlook of Chinese Metallurgical Industry in 2019Speaker: Hongwei Shi, Deputy Secretary of China Iron and Steel Association

11:10--11:50Topic: Outlook of Chinese Coking Industry in 2019Speaker: Pijiang Cui, Director of China Coking Industry Association

12:00--13:30Luncheon (Sponsorship opportunity available)SESSION 3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT

13:30--14:10Topic: Effective Supply of Coking Coal and Market Analysis & Forecast in 2019Speaker: Sarah Liu, Vice General Manager, Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.

14:10--14:40Topic: Adapt to Market Fluctuations, Break Technology Bottleneck, Fully Improve Furnace Feedstock SupplySpeaker: Leading Steel Enterprise

14:40--15:10Topic: Effects of Environmental Policy on Coke and Steel IndustriesSpeaker: Dao Huang Director, Science and Environmental Protection Dept, China Iron and Steel AssociationSESSION 4 GLOBAL COKING COAL MARKET

15:10--15:40Topic: Global Coking Coal Market Development and Analysis for 2019Speaker: Jeffery Lu, Managing Editor, Metallurgical Coal & Coke, S&P Global Platts

15:40--16:10Topic: Russian Coking Coal Industry Analysis and Domestic Demand OutlookSpeaker: Lilia Wernli, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), KSL AG

16:10--16:40Topic: Mongolian Coking Coal Supply and Export Outlook for 2019Speaker: Bayarmagnai Lkhagvasuren, Sales and Marketing Manager, ERDENES TAVANTOLGOI JSC

16:40--17:00Discussions on Supply-demand of Coking Coal ( Tea Break, Sponsorship opportunity available)SESSION 5 CCI INDEXES AND BIG DATA APPLICATION

17:00--17:30Topic: China's Coking Coal Index Pricing Basis and System EstablishmentSpeaker: Eric Zeng, Vice General Manager, Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.

17:30--18:00Topic: Futures Deliveries for Optimization of Contracts Resources and Cost-effectiveness of Spot GoodsSpeaker: Dongbin Feng, General Manager, Project Department of Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.



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Shanxi Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.


Building No.4, Forest Park, East Binhe Road, Taiyuan, Shanxi 030003, China


+86 351 7219322


[email protected]

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